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Hello Everyone,

About me: My name is Eran, I live in Montreal; a very fun city but for all you hardcore drivers out there, the roads are utter crap. I drive an 09′ Subaru STi. So what is there to know about me. Well as you can see by my blog, I happen to be totally obsessed with cars. Be it exotics, concepts or modified. This blog is going to focus on the first two seeing how my company DSG Performance focuses on the modified aspects of cars.

I decided to start this blog so I can share all kinds of news and information with everyone who shares my obsession. This blog will cover all kinds of things from those amazing out of reach cars to the prototypes that haven’t come out yet. I won’t give you everything that this blog will cover because honestly who knows where it will go. As always when I start something, the sky’s the limit.

For all you driven people out there who can’t stay away from this world, I dedicate this page to you.

My New Baby

My New Baby

5 thoughts on “Behind ForeverDriven

  1. Yes, I came across it while back. The numbers seem impressive for an electric car but they’ve got a long way of work ahead of them especially in the looks and pricing department before I start drooling over it!

    1. I found it fascinating that Prof. Shimizu felt that they couldn’t give up their electric motor technology for access to cheap lithium ion that the Chinese BYD Battery company has. No body trusts anyone. gee, I wonder why?
      I agree $255,000. is a bit steep and well frankly there isn’t anywhere around these parts to go over 230mph. So I guess its a great start. I do like the sound of the damned thing.If they could just make one half that size for $50k. I’d put up a solar voltaic system tomorrow morning! Don’t even suggest the tesla..

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