The End of Forever Driven and The Start of!


Hello people! Unfortunately this is going to be a sad post. As of today it is officially the end of the Forever Driven Blog. I had an amazing time sharing news, pictures, videos and information with all of you. I have always wanted to report on all the hottest cars out there for a living. I mean how much better could life get? Driving around in a new out of reach car every week, taking it to its limits, then sharing it all with you! Yeah that sounds like something I could get used to. So in the interest of getting closer to that dream, is officially over. Today is the end of something but the start of something new! That’s right as of today you will be able to go to FOREVERDRIVEN.COM! You didn’t really think I’d bring something this fun to an end did you? As you’ll read on the Forever Driven site, I will be bringing the same thing you’re used to here with a few additions. My goal with is to make it grow as much as it can and reach as many people as possible so we can all have a big community to share all our thoughts of this world we all can get away from. I bet I know what all of you are asking yourselves right now. So what are these extra additions? What are we going to see next? Well I guess you’ve got just one more thing to do.

Welcome to Forever Driven

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