Lamborghini Reventon Roadster Preview Before Frankfurt


So we all know about Lamborghini’s stealth fighter jet on wheels; the Reventon don’t we? Yes, well now the Italian automaker has released a topless roadster version of the unique supercar set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. You will be able to cruise the streets or race down the track in your Reventon with the top down!

The numbers have virtually remained the same. Not that it’s a bad thing. You will still be reaching blistering speeds thanks to the same 6.5L V12, carrying 661 horsepower and 487lb-ft of torque. Like the coupe, you will be able to hit the 62mph mark in 3.4  seconds which should help when you race a few fighter jets down the track, (until of course they take off into flight, you see cars can’t fly, the Reventon hasn’t solved this problem.)

Much like a fighter jet, this Italian piece of art will run you quite a bit of money. How much? Over 1.7 million CAD unfortunately. See my budget was 1.6 million, so I just missed the mark on this one. There may be another thing in my way, that would be it’s units. Lamborghini says that there will only be 20 or less of them made.

My Thoughts: Like the coupe, the Reventon Roadster looks absolutely phenomenal. Personally I think the design is just fascinating, it quietly screams uniqueness and creativity, you just won’t see another car with such intricate design work out there. I am also a more low key guy myself so this look really speaks to me although I’ll take the coupe version myself.

Thumbs up! The Reventon never lets you down!

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