Audi’s Electric Supercar – The E-Tron


Does the name E-Tron mean anything to you? Well if it doesn’t now, it will at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s Audi’s electric supercar. There isn’t much information on the eco car yet but this is what we know so far.

The E-Tron has gone through some changes that we can see on the body. We’ve got a redone front and rear fascia as well as a closed off grill, new multi-spoke wheels, newly shaped headlamps and removed R8 side blades. All these seemingly disappointing changes have been done in the interest of aerodynamics, which will help make this eco car go.

The performance department is where the information gets very thin. We can possibly guess that the R8’s Environmentally friendly sister will have an electric drivetrain but that all remains to be seen. I’ll be sure to update once the rest of the specs are available.

So far – Not impressed but these are just renderings after all.

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