Aptera: A Unique Take On Hybrid Transportation


For this post, I would like to introduce you all to the very unique; Aptera. This alien looking vehicle is a new take on the energy efficient car. Now before I fill you in on the 3 wheel, 2 passenger hybrid, why don’t we look at the Aptera company. Discovered by Steven P. Fambro and Chris L. Anthony, the California based motor company has a focus on the creation of high efficiency vehicles. The word Aptera is actually Greek for wingless flight, quite appropriate I think.

So now with a hybrid like this, the first question that waits at the tip of your tongue would be how many miles per gallon do I get? Well I wouldn’t worry about that since you would be getting an astounding 300 miles per gallon! How did they get that many miles per gallon packed in there? Well pretty much everything about this car is designed specifically to help with the emissions and efficiency of the car. On the exterior, the Aptera concentrates on aerodynamics and weight. It is easy to see by the sheer look of this car that weight reduction was an obvious goal but it is also designed to provide minimal drag therefore improving your fuel economy by leaving the “motorcycle” with more energy. It even has gull wing doors!

Aptera goes so far to help lighten our footprint on earth and keep some extra sheckles in your pocket that it even has Eco-Chic seating. Eco-Chic? Oh yeah, that would be recycled material, colored with natural dyes. The Aptera has also got mother earth covered with its solar assisted climate control system. That’s right, solar panels on the roof help you stay comfortably heated or cooled without any harm to our beloved environment.

My Thoughts: I’m not exactly going to rush over and acquire this special looking car/motorcycle but I can still admire its brilliance. It really has all the areas covered from fuel consumption and environment friendliness to total protection of the driver. Performance isn’t exactly “hardcore” but it is not exactly what a car like this is about.

Thumbs up! The Aptera is creative, efficient and will guarantee many heads to turn in your direction.

A little more information on the hybrid on Popular Mechanics. Enjoy!

There is just so much about the Aptera that makes it the unique creation that it is. For more information on it, visit their site: APTERA. Even the web design is great as well as the way they display their information.

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