Gumpert Apollo Speed Sets a Lap Record at the Nürburgring

Gumpert Apollo Main

It was a big day at the Nürburgring recently when the Gumpert Apollo was able to accomplish a lap time of 7:11:57, setting a new Ring Record for any street legal cars. Now that is all well and good but before I show you the video of the Apollo’s amazing lap around the German track, I thought I would talk a bit about the Gumpert to make sure everyone is caught up on it.

So the Apollo was developed by a man named Roland Gumpert. He was the head of development for the Audi/VW Joint enterprise in China. One day he proposed that a new kind of sports car should be built. When Gumpert arrived back in Germany a man named Roland Mayer asked him if he would assist in building a street legal and track ready sports car to which Gumpert happily agreed. The rest is history.  The creation that spawned is this ridiculous supercar capable of breaking a lap record, making it one of the fastest street legal cars on the planet.

When we lift the hood of this fantastic machine, we can see it’s twin turbocharged, Audi V8 engine, capable of producing 650hp making you lunge back into your seat hitting that 0-60mph mark in a jaw dropping 3.0 seconds. Don’t doubt the Apollo, it is fully capable of these enormous speeds thanks to its carbon fiber body which lays atop a chrome molybdenum alloy and steel frame.

So what do you have when you put all this together? An aggressive and beast like car that demands attention with its unique looks and mind blowing speed and power. This car is like nothing you’ve seen and drives accordingly.

Alright Now that we’re all caught up here’s the Gumpert Apollo’s lap around the Nürburgring. Need I say enjoy?

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