Lexus LF-A: Hit or Miss? You Tell Me!

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So I know this isnt news but I wanted to get you involved on this post. Now we’ve all heard about the Lexus LF-A Concept right? Well I stumbled on it the other day and thought it would be a good concept to get all of your opinions on. So what do we all think about this interesting prototype? Is it going to be a big hit? or a miss?

I’ll start off with my own thoughts to get the ball rolling. Personally, I’m a big fan of the IS F, I think it looks beautiful and agressive and the LF-A kind of looks like a more exotic spawn of that. The curves and lines are daring and bold as well as the front and rear. I’m not really sure about the exhaust though, it looks a little too odd for my taste, I’d rather go with a regular dual or quad. Lexus really wasn’t afraid to put too much detail, they loaded the body up with these vents and curves and this extravagant body kit. In all, I think it all comes together and flows quite nicely but there is something about it that makes me think, it doesn’t really look like an “exotic car”.

How about you?

Some visual aids for you.

and a video!

3 thoughts on “Lexus LF-A: Hit or Miss? You Tell Me!

  1. beautiful… i agree tho there is somethin about it… the more i look at it i think it needs a longer wheel base…. other than that its got me sold

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