2010 Ferrari 458 Italia: Time for a Change.


There’s been a lot of talk about Ferrari ending the F430’s life and replacing it with some new blood. We have seen previews of what Ferrari has been up to, like when they released their 599X. If you’re not familiar with this gem, I had already written a post about it a little while ago. Go and catch up, I can wait…. You didn’t go and read it did you? Alright well for all the lazy people out there, the 599X contained a sort of preview of all the new technologies that Ferrari will be using in the future. The 458 Italia is that future. This upcoming model isn’t just replacing the F430, it will be recreating Ferrari. This car is completely new and different from the ground up.

Alright I know what you guys really want so lets get down to the juicy details shall we? Powering this newly built supercar is a 4.5L V8 engine harvesting 570hp and 400lb-ft of torque. Ferrari really went all out on the Italia, satisfying your speed addiction by taking you to the 60mph mark in an unbelievable 3.4 seconds or less!  That’s not it, you can push the 458 all the way to 202mph. Love it. The Italia really is something special to Ferrari. It was designed to simulate the F1 experience, most of it being approved of by Schumacher! With all it’s new technology and spectacular performance, Ferrari puts the icing on the cake with a promise for low fuel consumption in the same class as the Lambo Gallardo.

My Thoughts: The 458 Italia is a very important landmark in Ferrari’s progress. It represents the movement into a new age of driving. With this new addition to their heritage they managed to bring the best of performance to you while keeping the fuel consumption low and preserving that car to driver bond. When it comes to the looks, I actually waited two days before posting this, just looking at the car over and over. I realized right away that it is definitely different from most of the Ferrari’s we’ve seen but after some time looking it over I can say that it really is beautiful. It’s got this progressive look to it that really makes the Italian supercar stand out and for what this car represents I think it needs to.

Thumbs up here! I think the Ferrari 458 Italia will be remembered in Ferrari’s heritage for many years to come.

Still deciding whether it is a Forever Driven Favorite. I’ll keep you posted!

I also managed to get a sound clip of the Italia’s magnificent tone. Enjoy!

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