The Topless Audi R8 V10: Beautiful and Powerful – Iron Man Agrees.

Iron Man R8

So who loved the Iron Man movie? Those who do love it, I already know why. Action, super heroes, women and of course beautiful exotic cars, what’s not to love? Well since I loved the first one, I’d say I’m pretty excited for the new one to come out on May 10 of 2010. I’m most excited to see what cars are going to be featured and thanks to some spy photo’s we have gotten a nice teaser. Because of the beauty and raving popularity of the Audi R8, it seems that the Iron Man team has decided to feature the upcoming Audi R8 Spider V-10 in the new action packed film entitled: Iron Man 2.

Since we hear the words V-10 we already know that the anxiously awaited topless R8 will be sporting the DOHC 5.2L V-10 engine suspected to spew out an attractive 580hp. That’s a very solid increase from its original predecessor carrying the 4.2L V8 harvesting 420hp.

From what we can see, the platform of the Topless V10 R8 is relatively the same but has seen some small but noticeable upgrades around the fenders, front and rear areas of the car. Sometimes on an already beautiful looking car like the R8, small and subtle changes here and there can keep the already successful look while adding more of what people liked so much on the car’s first shot.

I’ve grown to love the R8 and judging by these shots of Tony Stark driving the newest version of Audi’s supercar, it seems that love will just grow further!

The Audi R8 V10 Spider being taken for a test drive!

How sexy is that sound?!

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