Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider: Congrats on the Formula 1 Win!

Scuderia Spider 16M

So Ferarri has been doing pretty well for itself lately. Even in these more difficult times they declared a 54 million euro profit for the first quarter of 2009. They have done better but they are still making profit so good for them. Anyway down to business; do you remember the Ferrari Scuderia that came out a few years back? Well the Italian automaker has come out with a topless version of this beautiful car called the 16M Scuderia Spider. Normally a car we have all seen, coming out with a topless version would not lead me to posting about it but this topless Ferrari is different. Why? Well it is being said that this new Spider may very well be the fastest open Ferarri out there. I don’t know about you but the ability to go faster has always reserved a post on my blog! The reason for Ferrari releasing this Open Scuderia to the world is in celebration of the top version winning its 16th formula 1 championship.

In terms of the look, it is no mystery that the 16M strongly resembles the very popular F430. The body is relatively the same with some added improvements like the body kit and extra vents on the side skirt and side bumper as well as few other appendages.

Pulling the switch and opening the hood, a 4.3L  V8 engine is revealed to us, roaring out 503hp and 347lb-ft of torque. One of the things that have been changed from the regular Scuderia which stands out would be the exhaust tone. At low revs the tone has been minimized for a more comfortable cruise while revving this Italian beast past 4000 rpm will unleash a roar heard by all the neighbors, for the next 10 blocks. Motor Trend’s best results with the 16M reached 60mph in a short 3,8 seconds – impressive.

My Thoughts: Personally, I’m a big fan of the F430 so any new and improved model resembling that car has a few automatic points in my book. Basically the car looks hot, the performance sounds hot and it makes me hot!

Thumbs up! With cars like this, it is no wonder Ferrari is still holding up even in tougher times.

Found a few good videos, one of some guy taking the 16M out on the Autobahn for a nice speed and the other giving you some more angles of the car. Enjoy!

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