Top Gear’s Richard Hammond Meets the Lamborghini Super Veloce


Remember a while back when I wrote about the Lambo Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce? If you don’t, go read it first, I’ll wait….Okay now that we’re all caught up, you now know that the Super Veloce is sadly the very last Murcielago to ever come out from the Italian automaker. I know, I’m tearing a bit too but I do have a glimmer of happiness because the SV is lighter, stronger and faster. In fact this Murcielago Super Veloce is the fastest Lambo ever built and boy is it beautiful, did I mention fast? Aside from it’s spectacular looks the SV has been put on a diet shedding a lot of weight with the use of Carbon Fiber around the body. All of this is really great but the feature that made me a Super Veloce believer was the exhaust tone coming out of this Italian Stallion. I know not everyone is into the higher pitch exhaust tone but this car truly sounds unbelievable, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if there is a better sounding car out there. Anyway so I’ve side tracked a little bit, the reason I wrote this post is because one of Top Gears more recent episodes was on the SV. Near the end of the episode we see Richard Hammond taking the Lamborghini’s last Murcielago for a spin, in the Arabian desert.

Awesome, awesome video with a nice surprise race at the end so make sure you watch it all! Enjoy.

Top Gear's Richard Hammond A.K.A The Hamster

Top Gear's Richard Hammond A.K.A The Hamster

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