FAB Design SLR ‘Desire’

FAB Desire

So I think at this point, we have all heard of the Mclaren Mercedes SLR. When it first came out, the High end luxury/performance car received mixed reviews but that never stops multiple modifying companies from putting their touch on it. The high-end tuning company I’ll be talking about today is FAB Design. In my opinion these guys did a really great job on the SLR. They really managed to create a classy and eye catching look for the spawn of the Mclaren and Mercedes partnership.

When it comes to the body the improvements are evident. I don’t need to tell you where they placed their FAB touch on it but I can tell you that they’re mostly made of light carbon; produced in an Autoclave and all the modifications are functional as well as beautiful. Also if you were wondering about those sexy wheels; they’re Forged FAB Design 20 inch wheels wrapped in high performance  265/30 ZR 20 and 325/25 ZR20 tires by Michelin.

Under the hood, FAB still refuses to disappoint, raising the SLR’s standard 626hp to 750hp. The torque has also been extensively increased producing 1,080NM as opposed to the stock 780NM. So what does FAB’s work in the functional body and performance redesign have to show for it? That would be a top speed of 310km/h, jetting through the 100km/h mark in 3.6 seconds. Just listening to the FAB Design high performance exhaust system is evidence of that. Oh and did I mention it has  6 tailpipes? Yeah, 6.

So I bet some of you wealthier people are thinking; This car is awesome where can I get one!? Well no need to think about it because your too late! FAB Design is only releasing 15 of these ‘Desires’ and the entire line is sold out! See next time you will act on it faster.

Thumbs way up! FAB Design managed to take the tame SLR and turn into a wolf with the numbers to back it up. FAB Design’s okay by me.

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