Recently Released: Torque Solution Quick Connect Fitting


We’re back again with another Recently Released product that we like. It’s Torque Solution’s Billet Quick Connect fitting. These guys have been coming out with a lot of pretty hot items this year and it looks like they’ve got no plans of stopping!

The quick connect fitting Male 5/16″ size to -6 AN Female. Allows ease of transition from -6 AN to the newer O-ringed squeeze and release type fitting found on many newer FUEL systems and emissions devices.

Click HERE to check out the features or to order.

The End of Forever Driven and The Start of!


Hello people! Unfortunately this is going to be a sad post. As of today it is officially the end of the Forever Driven Blog. I had an amazing time sharing news, pictures, videos and information with all of you. I have always wanted to report on all the hottest cars out there for a living. I mean how much better could life get? Driving around in a new out of reach car every week, taking it to its limits, then sharing it all with you! Yeah that sounds like something I could get used to. So in the interest of getting closer to that dream, is officially over. Today is the end of something but the start of something new! That’s right as of today you will be able to go to FOREVERDRIVEN.COM! You didn’t really think I’d bring something this fun to an end did you? As you’ll read on the Forever Driven site, I will be bringing the same thing you’re used to here with a few additions. My goal with is to make it grow as much as it can and reach as many people as possible so we can all have a big community to share all our thoughts of this world we all can get away from. I bet I know what all of you are asking yourselves right now. So what are these extra additions? What are we going to see next? Well I guess you’ve got just one more thing to do.

Welcome to Forever Driven

The Bugatti Galibier Concept Sedan


Today I am going to show you a trailer for Bugatti’s Sedan Concept titled; Galibier, Which debuted at this years Frankfurt Motor Show. When it comes to the car, we see some very clear similarities to its brother coupe. Bits and pieces of the Veyron are seen all over this saloon.

When it comes to the video, we see the definition of class and luxury. This is truly a brilliant video. It is short, to the point, and most importantly it demands and captures your attention. The speech that the narrator gives in the video is just excellent and makes the car look like the height of luxury.

I’m rambling. The video is great, to show you how great; I’m really not sure about the exterior yet but that video made me a believer!  I will admit that the interior is absolutely beautiful.


No Doubts About The Interior - Stunning, Simple.

No Doubts About The Interior - Stunning, Simple.

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Audi’s Electric Supercar – The E-Tron


Does the name E-Tron mean anything to you? Well if it doesn’t now, it will at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s Audi’s electric supercar. There isn’t much information on the eco car yet but this is what we know so far.

The E-Tron has gone through some changes that we can see on the body. We’ve got a redone front and rear fascia as well as a closed off grill, new multi-spoke wheels, newly shaped headlamps and removed R8 side blades. All these seemingly disappointing changes have been done in the interest of aerodynamics, which will help make this eco car go.

The performance department is where the information gets very thin. We can possibly guess that the R8’s Environmentally friendly sister will have an electric drivetrain but that all remains to be seen. I’ll be sure to update once the rest of the specs are available.

So far – Not impressed but these are just renderings after all.

Lamborghini Reventon Roadster Preview Before Frankfurt


So we all know about Lamborghini’s stealth fighter jet on wheels; the Reventon don’t we? Yes, well now the Italian automaker has released a topless roadster version of the unique supercar set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. You will be able to cruise the streets or race down the track in your Reventon with the top down!

The numbers have virtually remained the same. Not that it’s a bad thing. You will still be reaching blistering speeds thanks to the same 6.5L V12, carrying 661 horsepower and 487lb-ft of torque. Like the coupe, you will be able to hit the 62mph mark in 3.4  seconds which should help when you race a few fighter jets down the track, (until of course they take off into flight, you see cars can’t fly, the Reventon hasn’t solved this problem.)

Much like a fighter jet, this Italian piece of art will run you quite a bit of money. How much? Over 1.7 million CAD unfortunately. See my budget was 1.6 million, so I just missed the mark on this one. There may be another thing in my way, that would be it’s units. Lamborghini says that there will only be 20 or less of them made.

My Thoughts: Like the coupe, the Reventon Roadster looks absolutely phenomenal. Personally I think the design is just fascinating, it quietly screams uniqueness and creativity, you just won’t see another car with such intricate design work out there. I am also a more low key guy myself so this look really speaks to me although I’ll take the coupe version myself.

Thumbs up! The Reventon never lets you down!

The Official Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing


It’s been quite a busy week for us gear heads. We saw the big release of the Mclaren MP4-12C and now Mercedes has released the official photos for its recreation of the super car legend set to make its debut in 2011. Now that we see these official photos, the first thing that comes to mind is…yeah, pretty much what I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I think its one great looking sequel to the legendary Gullwing of the 50’s but it hasn’t been a mystery so far as to what it would look like, but of course, it is always nice to see this car in greater detail. Anyway enough ranting, on to the numbers shall we?

As  you walk toward the reborn legend, your heart fluttering as you see it, excited just thinking about the drive. You lift the hood and see that front mid mounted, naturally aspirated 6.2L V8. Your mind begins to race and you begin to imagine the power that this super car is capable of harvesting. Your thoughts reward you when you feel all 563 horse powers rocketing the car into high speeds with the help of the 480lb-ft of torque. Helping to properly transfer that power to the rear wheels is a 7 speed twin clutch trans axle dubbed; the AMG Speed Shift DCT. Awesome power and a new transmission won’t be the only factors at work to help accomplish the speed and adrenaline you’re looking for. It will also be using it’s lightweight aluminum space-frame structure to its advantage, keeping it’s weight at a lean 3600lb.

I’m sure by now I don’t need to tell you that getting one of the German Automaker’s prized possessions won’t be cheap. I can’t tell you exactly how ‘uncheap’ it will be but just get ready for a $160,000-$240,000 loss from your bank account.

My Thoughts? It really sounds fantastic. The looks may not be for everyone but I am personally a big fan. I strongly believe that when you bringing an old legend back to life, especially one as famous as this one, you have to make sure that there are strong remnants of the past in its rebirth. Totally remodeling it, is a big no no as far as I see it. What Mercedes did here is, they essentially brought this epic car from the 50’s into the 21’st century and it is marvelous. The body is just captivating and keeps its heritage close, the interior is simple with a touch of elegance, signifying it’s true super car class  and the performance is sure to impress.

Thumbs up!

And of course, a video. Enjoy!

UPDATE: More MP4-12C Videos

Interview with Chairman Ron Dennis.

I thought I would upload some more videos of the Mclaren MP4-12C. Not only do these videos give you a much better look at this car in HD but you also get to hear Mclaren Chairman Ron Dennis and Antony Sheriff talk about all the aspect of making the 12C what it is.

Some last extra thoughts: I must admit after watching this video and seeing some more angles of the car I am really starting to take a liking to it. They have kept a bit of the Mclaren F1 spirit alive in this new addition while giving it it’s own character. I think this Formula 1 inspired sports car will be a big hit. Don’t you?

Thumbs up. It really grows on you when you give it a chance to seep in. No matter what though, I’m still not a big fan of those wheels.

Interview with Managing Director; Antony Sheriff