2009 Cadillac CT Coupe Concept

Hello again people,

So today I thought I would do a little something on one of Cadillac’s new concept coupes. For those who haven’t heard, Cadillac has been enjoying the good life; getting lots of buzz and sales. I mean have you seen their new line up? Especially the CTS of course, one great looking car and fast too. Cadillac’s concept: the CT Coupe Concept is basically a preview of what’s to come for the American¬†automaker.

The Design of the CT Coupe Concept is just amazing. If this is what is to come from Cadillac in the future then they have a very bright one indeed. The design of this concept is made to be an extension of the CTS currently in the market. It does look very much like the CTS with some major improvements and new design concepts. Bigger changes to the design include: the fenders, the front extended bumper, larger 20 inch wheels in front and 21 inch wheels in back and more. Lets take seat inside of this beauty: The thing that first catches your eyes is the seats; Black leather and Alcantara microfiber trim accompanied by yellow ochre colored seat inserts and leather stitching. Also the 20 inch in front and 21 inch in back wheels along with redesigned curvy body, gives the CT the look of a predator, ready to attack.

Lets take a look under the hood now: This ground breaking concept can be outfitted with a 3.6L direct injection V6 engine or a 2.9L Turbo Diesel engine. The latter is still in the development stages.

My Thoughts: Cadillac has really turned around these past few years with their award winning CTS. Their design is really something that you do not see often. Now with this new CT Concept, it is becoming apparent that Cadillac will not be going down hill in the design field anytime soon. The CT paves the way for a new and exciting future of car design. The styling of Cadillac’s new creation gives the look of elegance and luxury coupled with an intimidating exterior and some high quality performance. The vice president of GM Global Design; Ed Welburn put it best: “it is emotion on four wheels and the very essence of what defines Cadillac today.”

Thumbs way up! A very nicely done concept.

In case you need more angles; check this out:

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